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Our Story

We started curling several years ago.  The Turino Olympics had just occurred, there was a new curling club in town and it seemed like the perfect new family sport.  We tried it, we liked it, we curl.  Veni, Vidi, Curli!  Along the way we started looking for curling “stuff”.  There wasn’t much out there.  So we started making our own.  First we made a broom cover for our daughter’s broom, next our daughter made a curling table and then we designed and assembled two stabilizers.  People asked us where we got our things.  We made a few for other people and then starting thinking maybe we should make curling giftware for more people.  And so was born On the Button, LLC.  We’re still working out the kinks on the broom cover and table but we’ve created some really great gifts and want to see how much you’ll like them too.


We like finding new things and putting our creative energy to good use.  Check our site often, because you’ll probably find something new that we put together.


And in the meantime, Good Curling!

Thanks for shopping with us!

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